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Personal relationship with God is at the core of our faith! Without а personal relationship with God, we are building on a foundation made of sand, we are the tree that bears no fruit, а dead religion not much different from other types of beliefs.

In its essence, Christianity is not about church attendance. It’s not about denominational traditions or religious rituals. Christianity is not about knowledge or theological superiority; it’s not even about high moral standards and exemplary lifestyle. Don’t get us wrong, we are not stating that these things are not important. They are most certainly are, but there is something that is infinitely more important, which is a personal relationship with God. Christianity is about your relationship, personal relationship, with God! Without it, everything else is simply irrelevant.

For this reason we pray! For this reason, we spend time with God on our knees. We ask, we knock, we search, we thirst – God. He alone can breath life, he alone is the foundation of meaning and purpose for our life and ministry, and the source of all blessings.

At Great Commission Missionary School, our number one priority is not education, but having a personal relationship with God. While education is important, we believe our primary focus should be on God.



God is love. God is the source of love. God is the example of love. Love is more than His attribute, it is His nature. Humans deserved death and eternal damnation for their disobedience and sin, but it is God’s love that restored our relationship with Him. Jesus paid the penalty for the sins of the undeserved. The price was high, but God’s love was much greater.

In love, God commissioned Jesus to die for all people. In this same love, Jesus commissioned His disciples to go, "Go, and preach the gospel", because God is “not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.” Jesus was serious about His mission on this earth; just as serious should His followers be about their commission to tell all people what Jesus did for the world.

We can find an abundance of reasons not to love, not to share the message of hope, not to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and disobey His commission. We can minimize His commandment, and propose more comfortable interpretations, but ultimately, it is not what we make of the commission, but God. Jesus showed how serious He was about saving people on the cross. It is with the same passion and love that He commissioned His disciples to share this news with the world.

The closer we get to Jesus, the more time we spend with God, the more personal our relationship with Him is, the better we understand this profound truth about God. He is love.

We love all people for whom Jesus died. Our mission is to spread the gospel to as many people as we can. We want to do this as effectively as possible, and there is no better way to do this than through love.



With passion and love, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to be an example and inspiration to the next generation of Christian ministers. The need for godly leaders is as great as it ever was. The need for people that will shine like cities on the hill has never been greater.

We want to be instruments of the Holy Spirit to raise up this new generation of Christians. A generation that will have a personal relationship with the Father, a generation that will know how to radically love the way Jesus did, a generation that will be an example and inspiration to the next generation.

Young people have a huge potential, and when filled with the Spirit, they can bear much fruit for the Kingdom. God’s plan for young people is not entertainment, wealth or worldly success, but God wants to save people from hell. He is determined to use young people to achieve this objective.

We are honored to be used by the Lord, to train and coach the young generation today. God is doing awesome things in lives of many young hearts. We are blessed to be instruments through whom many young lives are transformed for the ministry, and we are overjoyed to see young people on fire for God.

About Us

At Great Commission Missionary School we help students grow in their understanding of scripture, equip them for ministry and inspire them to be soldiers of God.  But most importantly, we focus on a personal relationship with Christ and the Great Commission. We have various programs for different age groups where we share our vision to "Love God and people the way Jesus did."

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